Automated bulk calls and voice messages

Robocall for landlines and mobiles

Generate automatic mass calls to your contacts, easier and faster

Compose the text, select the voice or upload your own audio, add the contacts and the system will automatically make calls

Llamadas de voz masivas

Generic or custom voice calls

Upload an Excel file with a text that has or does not have custom parameters with the respective phone number, landline or mobile, select the voice and schedule the shipment. Onurix will read the text corresponding to each phone number with the selected voice and will make the call on the scheduled date and time, or if you prefer you can upload your own audio.

Why use automatic calls?

  • Generate multiple calls easily
  • Provide information more easily for the user
  • Multiple call attempts
  • Multiple voices to choose or use your own audio file
  • Display of calls, attempts made, duration, voice used or if I run a custom audio file

Llamadas masivas automáticas
URL con marca

Why use automatic bulk calls?

Use automated mass calls to announce offers, promotions, discounts, news, payment or appointment reminders, personalized calls can be made with the name of your users or with relevant information for each one of them.

Massive calls at low cost

  • Only delivered voice messages are paid
  • No installation cost
  • No infrastructure cost
  • No expiration in credits

Estadísticas llamadas masivas automáticas

API integration

Integrate your information system with a friendly and easy-to-implement API, with multiple examples in different programming languages, and do your tasks in a simpler and more agile way.