SMS — Mass text messages in Colombia

With dispatch confirmation

Plan, notify and loyalty

Use SMS text messages in communications with your clients since 95 to 98% are read immediately and do not require an internet connection to be delivered.

SMS masivos desde Excel

Does not require programming knowledge

Upload to our web portal an Excel file containing the mobile numbers and text you wish to send. Onurix will send the sms.

SMS - Bulk SMS text messages

    Mass SMS messages from $8 COP IVA included
    Plans since $60.000 COP IVA included
    URLs sending support
    URLs shortener with statistics
    Two way SMS
    Shipping to all operators in Colombia
    Without permanence clauses
    Without balance expiration

SMS masivos en Colombia
URL con marca

Mass SMS at a low cost

Only messages with confirmation of delivery by the operator are charged.
Without installation costs
Without infrastructure costs
Without expiration on credits

API integration

Integrate your information system with a friendly API that is easy to implement, with multiple examples in different programming languages and do your tasks in a simpler and more agile way.

API sms masivos